Space Shooter – the begining

I’ve played with idea, to create a game from kind of neglected¬†gamestyle. Scrolling space shooter, typical games from this genre are:

  • R-type
  • Raptor: Call of shadows

These games are still good, but the graphics and sounds are kind of… outdated. So the basic idea is, to create an old fashion scrolling shooter, while using the modern hardware.

I already followed the tutorial on unity pages on how to create a space shooter.¬†I’ve succesfully managed to have working game. Then I’ve made transitition and add some more logic, it’s not perfect yet, but you can enjoy it somehow.

But as I’m awaiting the new virtual reality device – Oculus rift DK 2, I’ll probably take the chalenge to use a very modern hardware and make this shooter available for Virtual reality devices. Which will mean another transition of the game. Cant wait to get my hands on it.

That leaded me to a new thoughs about chosen game engine. If you want to know basic differences, I suggest you to read article: Choose game engine

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