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fractal imageI’m coming from the world of web development and enterprise solutions. After another couple years in corporate code, I’m looking for something a bit different, to do as my side project, or let’s call it pet project.

I was always interested in games, it was partially the reason why I started to code back in eightees. It will be a new area of programming for me. I never wrote a game on more than 8bit computer.

After few tries with Android development, and after I’ve spot a some game frameworks and tools, which I’ll describe in next posts, I’ve decided, that it may have a meaning to share my way, so you can learn from my mistakes.

I would like to write down my experiences while designing, developing, creating and publishing, together with all the details and hacks I’ll find. I’m going to write things as they happens. Kind of Live show, but written.

Even if you are not going to develop games yourself, You’ll can also be able to influent the arising game, it’s game mechanisms, or artworks.

English is language of my choice for this blog, even I am not the native speaker. So please don’t be offended by my english, instead I’ll be happy to get your corrections incorporated into the text.

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