Choosen game engine – Unity 3d

Game engine Unity3dI’ve decided, that I don’t want to work with Java, because I’m already pampered by C# and .NET framework. So I was looking for something more C# related. And I’ve found!

There is something called XNA framework from Microsoft. It provides a lot of libraries and supporting code for your games, which you are free to incorporate and use in your games. There is also something called XNA game studio. But from I’ve seen so far, it seems, it’s just a set of templates for visual studio. I like Visual Studio a lot, but I’ve found something a lot better, while still using the power of Visual studio for code.

As you know from the title – the thing I found is called UNITY 3D, and you’re free to download it from official Unity3D page. It is MONO based, which means, it supports C# code and also the resulting application or game is relatively easily able to be ported to various platforms. Web browser, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Playstation, and Xbox, all of them are supported along with Windows desktop.

Unity comes with MonoDevelop, which is a cross platform IDE ( Integrated Development Environment), which is good, but if you’re on windows, and you are already using visual studio, then there is an easy switch in the settings of Unity3d, where you can just switch the editor to Visual studio. This works pretty flawlessly.

Unity is not just a framework, or set of functions. It’s whole game engine, which works with scenes, 3d objects, camera, microphone, light and eve physics models, colliders and other things, you’ll find irreplaceable after few hours of using them.

In all other tools I’ve seen, you always first spend several hours on setting up the screen resolution, thinking about how to load objects into memory, how to move with the player and a lot of things which are not actually a game itself. Unity solves all of these and you’ll find yourself creating a game just in minutes.

Although everything looks pretty clean and straightforward, I recommend you to take some tutorials first. I actually decided to work on top of tutorial Space shooter, which I recommend you to take, if you want to follow my progress in my project. So you may guess, that my game will be scrolling space shooter.

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