Monthly Archives: June 2014

Choosen game engine – Unity 3d

Game engine Unity3dI’ve decided, that I don’t want to work with Java, because I’m already pampered by C# and .NET framework. So I was looking for something more C# related. And I’ve found!

There is something called XNA framework from Microsoft. It provides a lot of libraries and supporting code for your games, which you are free to incorporate and use in your games. There is also something called XNA game studio. But from I’ve seen so far, it seems, it’s just a set of templates for visual studio. I like Visual Studio a lot, but I’ve found something a lot better, while still using the power of Visual studio for code.

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Android Studio & Flashlight App

AndroidStudioWhile thinking about my new project, my first though was: “I will try development for Android.”

After some research I’ve found Google’s compilation of tools called Android Studio, which is preffered for a newcomer in discussions a lot. It’s based on popular JetBrain’s IntelliJ IDEA. There is also Eclipse, which is although very good tool. But I find it too complicated. You need to set everything by hand, find the right plugins, then install and setup them.

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Search for a pet project

fractal imageI’m coming from the world of web development and enterprise solutions. After another couple years in corporate code, I’m looking for something a bit different, to do as my side project, or let’s call it pet project.

I was always interested in games, it was partially the reason why I started to code back in eightees. It will be a new area of programming for me. I never wrote a game on more than 8bit computer.

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